Organza Cafe
commercial space

Liberec, center

A word from the interior designer

The original smokers’ bar underwent demanding comprehensive reconstruction, in which aside from the external walls not one brick was left untouched. As the reconstruction showed when it was underway, the original space was in a catastrophic state and it was necessary to create technical facilities that corresponded to contemporary requirements. The facilities of what is now the non-smoking Organza Cafe include a smaller kitchenette with a pantry for storing supplies and a room for the staff together with a shower and a toilet. A larger room for storing drink, etc. was additionally designed. The customer space or the interior of the cafe was conceived in the Scandinavian style making use of wood and gentle tones. The bar, which was custom-made from steel, creates an industrial element that dominates the whole of the interior. As far as the cafe’s exterior is concerned, which is dominated by an outdoor terrace among mature linden trees, we went for an original solution arising also from a practical assessment of the site. The wooden terrace offers an outdoor bar in the form of a transport container, which again constitutes a dominant industrial element, and thus corresponds with the cafe interior. The whole complex is served by a sound system and is pleasantly lit in the evenings.


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About the Project

Expensive reconstruction of the small space of the former bar which retained the name Organza Cafe.


Organza Cafe is in the very heart of the city of Liberec. There are several other bars and a car park in the vicinity.

Housing Standard

Both the interior and the exterior of the Organza Café were designed to correspond to current trends in coffee bars.





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