Luxury apartment
in the Hanspaulka residential building

Prague 6, Hanspaulka

A word from the architect


The Hanspaulka residential building dates from the pre-war period. On the edge of the south-eastern slope down to the Kotlářka valley with the Prague 6 natural park opens up views of Hradčany and a panorama of the city. The value of the plot alone assumes luxury residential housing. The emphasis was on providing highly individual layouts, mutual independence, and a sense of intimacy and privacy in the flats, and therefore they do not share staircases or communications. The villas are broken down into two systematic parts with two maisonette flats. Each flat has independent access from the street and to its own private part of the garden. With these and other attributes the standard of housing in a villa is deliberately brought closer to the standard of housing in a family house. The difference in the levels of the floor in the western and eastern parts of the villas is used to achieve the finer scale of the building and the naturally asymmetrical composition of the facade. In all the villas the receding top floor is indicated with the help of corner terraces spatially defined by exposed frames, which both optically reduce the shape of houses with flat roofs and make reference to the nearby functionalist Baba villa settlement. Deliberately following opposing parameters – the ideas  and expressive values of all three villas and providing their own individual identity supporting the facade and volume solutions – is at first sight the hidden motif of an architectural design reacting to the basic values of the surroundings in that locality. It is also necessary that these smaller apartment houses on Hanspaulka are adapted to the surrounding residential area.


- Ateliér profesora Ladislava Lábuse -


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About the Project

The residential houses fall under the project Hanspaulka – New Villas, proposed by the famous architect Ladislav Lábus.


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The Hanspaulka building is situated in one of the most valuable residential areas of Prague, Hanspaulka.


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Housing Sandard

The interiors are plastered, with facings of natural stone, stainless steel sheet, etc.


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